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 opponents who want me to die 2wed oct  4 2017  9:01pm
by Earl of Norfolk
 New League proposal - Hobbies League 2sun jun 18 2017 12:27pm
by Tomdraug
 Missing Chess Pieces 1fri mar  4 2016  5:37pm
by London Challenger
 Knockout Tournaments 3thu dec 30 2010  6:03pm
by notmtwain
 I like the puzzle of the day! 1sat oct 16 2010  1:51am
by Jimbo724
 becoming a captain of a team 4mon sep 27 2010 10:21pm
by chessnut
 Buying ChessWorld memberships for others 1thu sep  2 2010 11:01pm
by WizardsDream7
 How is Chessworld doing? 6fri jun 25 2010  1:22am
by Mr_Toad
 checkmate 2mon aug 24 2009  4:40pm
by Majnu
 London League chess club are recruiting a few new members 1fri aug  7 2009  5:35pm
by thenash
 games currently playing this player 5wed apr  1 2009  6:51pm
by PatzerBernie2
 game no 5565085 3fri mar 27 2009  9:27am
by clean and sober
 More about the move time 4fri mar 20 2009  3:40pm
by cuppablanca
 Holidays carried over 2wed mar 18 2009  2:04pm
by kingscrusher
 Repeat 3mon mar 16 2009  7:02pm
by kingscrusher
 How do I put a picture on my Homepage? 13sat mar 14 2009  6:14pm
by Ramesh 2.0
 What do I get if I win? 3thu mar  5 2009  6:54pm
by Raudales
 E Mail moves 5sat feb 28 2009 11:35pm
by Raudales
 Etiquette? 6thu feb 26 2009  3:59pm
by Raudales
 My own games-Apology. 8wed feb 25 2009  8:19pm
by Duke of Wellington
 This Forum? 4wed feb 25 2009 12:46pm
by Raudales
 Tournament entry 1tue jan 20 2009 10:16am
by Seamus
 number of games 4wed dec  3 2008  4:42pm
by Earl of Norfolk
 Looking for matches with strong players. 2thu oct  9 2008  7:19am
by The_Missionary
 Sorry - out of holidays 3mon oct  6 2008 10:05pm
by Ben--
 instant moves 3tue aug 19 2008  6:33pm
by Taotaomonas
 When should you resign? 16tue aug 19 2008  8:56am
by Taotaomonas
 Recent Games 4mon aug 18 2008  2:12pm
by Taotaomonas
 Simpsons League 3fri jul 18 2008 12:09am
 Stuck tournament 2sun jun 22 2008  5:01am
by Philip
 Help: subscribe by mail information. 2fri may  9 2008  4:01am
by Ramesh 2.0
 new idea in the KGA (doesn't work in theory, is it practical though?) 1sun jan 20 2008  6:02pm
by jim42078, Lord Ptarmigan
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